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Marta Moretti has an MA in Contemporary History, works as a journalist and is the PR and communication manager for a public company in Venice. From 1989 to 2013 she worked for the International Centre Cities on Water. She is a member of the Board of River Cities (www.river-cities.net), and since 2009 she has been a member of the Jury for ESPO – European Sea Ports Organisation Award. She is very active in all Venti di Cultura’s projects and especially involved in cultural issues regardng the urban waterfront.

For more than 30 years, architect, Francesco Calzolaio, has been designing structures for the people who inhabit and cross them, with a focus on those who are somehow limited in their mobility, like the elderly, children, the disabled, as well as on industrial heritage. Since 1998 he has devoted his teaching, research and design practice to the lagoon of Venice and the Arsenale, and more generally to routes and cultural networks of European and Mediterranean waterfronts.

Maurizio Crema is a journalist. He works at Il Gazzettino as an editor of economy and financial pages. He wrote four books: Sulle Ali del Leone  is a documentary story of his sailing trip along the commercial ruotes of the Venitian Republic. With the film director Enrico Stocco he edited two videos.

Carla Ferraro has an MA in Fine Arts, has been working as a teacher of Italian L2 (second language)  in different countries as well as in Venice, her hometown. She works with foreign universities to develop their cultural programs in Italy. Her passions are music, theatre, dance and set-design: in one word, the opera. She writes articles for magazines, short stories for fun and projects for Venti di Cultura. She participates in the association’s activities organizing events.

Marisa Convento is a beadstringer artisan (impiraressa in Venetian dialect) and glass jewellery designer and promoter of the art of making and stringing of the Venetian glass beads and seedbeads. Currently resident artisan at “Bottega Cini” in Venice, Italy.

Manuela Cattaneo della Volta,  Venetian by choice,  left Milan for the lagoon city twelve years ago. She is a journalist and author of the novel Buon compleanno,  published by Sonzogno. Her motto is: “If it must be done, let’s roll up our sleeves”.

Rachele Marconi has a PhD in International Law from the University of Macerata. She became passionate about the work of Venti di Cultura after a traineeship at the Council of Europe’s office in Venice where she discovered the Faro Convention and the role it can play in the development of local communities. Venti di Cultura allowed her to carry on the project Faro for the Earthquake, which deployed the Faro Convention in her region, Le Marche, after the earthquake.

Fulvia Larena graduated in Economics and Cultural Heritage Management at the University Ca’ Foscari, Venice. She began her internship with  Venti di Cultura two years ago and ever since she has been helping to create a bridge between the Association and the worldwide culture that she regards as her ideal field of action.

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